Ruby Movers Jouney

In 2012, they used their knowledge of moving and storage to come up with a new way of doing things called mobile storage. Ruby Movers now has over 330 storage units in central air-conditioned buildings in Dubai.



Ruby Movers began as a simple moving service allowing customers to move their items cheep rates.

Ruby Movers starts their journey with a man and his single van as simple moving services that allow users to move their belongings with cheapest prices.

With in a year Ruby Movers launched his own Truck

After waiting for a whole year, we finally got our very own trucks! They are all fancy and have special protection and cool designs on them. This made us really happy because we love ruby movers. We got permission to have really good insurance for the way we pack things when we ship them locally all over the UAE.

Start work in own office and warehouse

We have our own place on the map! We used to have a storage warehouse in Al Quoz1, we turned it into our awesome office. Anyone can visit us anytime!

ISO Certification

We get First Quality Certification for Management system standard as ISO9001:2015, as well as First Quality Certification for Environment Management system as ISO14001:2015.

Increase Quantity with Quality of work

We built 250 POD, s to store things in, and we also got a big building as warehouse to keep even more things in because our storage business is growing.

completed 7000 moves

We completed 7000 moves on March of this year. We expand our business by adding 10th new truck in our crew.

Certification for Occupational health and safety Management

Ruby Movers and Self-storage achieve First Quality Certification for Occupational health and safety Management System as ISO45001:2018.

Start moving business as International Cargo services

We plan to expend our moving business to internally as International Cargo services to all over the world.

Expend with 1 new warehouse and 10 trucks

Now we have 2 warehouses contains area of 31000 SQFT and 10 own trucks and 275 POD, s.